Lesser Known Flicks: Gamers

There is something wonderful about a trip to the cinema. Face it, as a species, humans just love their movies.

In this new random series, I will be taking a look at lesser known movies. Ones that didn't get the press and/or left the cinemas with merely a whimper.

Filmed in about as low budget as you can get, this flick exploits all the negative stereotypes of RPGers. Let me be more specific, table-top RPGers. A few cameo spots of LARPers as well.

Most reviews of this movie are dismal to downright hostile. I have read many of them. Most interject that the reviewer is an RPGer. Sounds a tab biased, perhaps reviewer saw a touch of themselves in the flick?

But I digress. The humor of Gamers is very "Happy Madison Productions". Writer/director Christopher Folino seemed very influenced by the what can loosely be called "toilet humor".

The jokes are often a touch off time. But many made me laugh outright. And, as I watch so many movies, the very disgusting jokes just rolled off my back without so much as a shrug. I mean, I did sit through the 1996 movie Kingpin (Woody Harrelson).

So, that said, this isn't a movie for the kiddies. According to Amazon.com this movie is unrated. But I would say it is rated M for Mature.

Now, before I continue, I will reveal I started my life as a gamer with table-top RPG. I used to sit on my Da's (step-father) lap when he and his friends got together to toss the dice and save the known world. I was infatuated with the beauty of the dice. So many pretty varieties. Oops. Magpie Moment!

Sure, I have abandoned the table-top gaming and am a steadfast Xbox Woman. But, while watching this movie, I quickly saw why Christopher Folino won Best Screenplay for Gamers. It is witty and yes, like most movies, over exaggerates stereotypes.

And, like all true gaming, the unlikely heroes end up winning the day. I do not want to spoil the ending but...that is, in essence, the ending.

From a frugal standpoint, I would rent this flick first. Watch it and see what you think.

But, as a gamer and lover of all things gaming, I have this in a special section of my DVD collection: Gaming Flicks.

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