10 $25 Gift Ideas For Everyone!

'Tis the season to save money and still give gifts to everyone on your list. Here are ten gifts that won't empty your savings account!

1. Books - Most books are under $25. If you are stuck for a title for your favorite bookworm, check out the top sellers list.

2. Scarf/Hat/Gloves - These cozy gifts are inexpensive and readily found. Plus the huge variety will let you hone in on the gift recipient's personal taste.

3. 529 Plan Starter - If you are doing this for someone else's kids, check first so you aren't stepping on any toes. Also check with The College Advantage, they will contribute an additional $50 for a total of $75!

4. Coffee Beans - Go crazy here with some good quality yummy coffee. Every cup will remind them of you!

5. Gadget Case - There are a ton of funky, conservative, girly, manly, etc. cases on the market for all types of gadgets such as Kindle, iPhone, Droid, etc.

6. DVD - A great movie is forever. Think Memoirs of a Geisha, Platoon, African Queen.

7. Funky T-Shirt - Most discount stores like Target and Walmart have T-Shirts and Baby Doll Ts with cute, funny or even risque sayings.

8. Video Game - While most new releases are $59.99, classics and older releases are about $19.99. For Xbox 360, look for the Platinum Hits - some even come with all DLC!

9. Wi-Fi Detector - Is your gift recipient always on the go? ThinkGeek has a great T-shirt that has glowing bars on the front that change with signal strength. Bonus - it's machine washable.

10. Charitable Act - The economy is still tough. Many people have had to cut back or cease charitable contributions. Make a donation for them! Search online to find a reputable charity that goes above the minimum by law 8%.

I hope these ideas get your creative juices flowing as you give and save.

Have a happy holiday season!


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Stay frugal!