Dungeons & Treasures Game Guide

I have been playing this Paid To Play retro DnD style browser based game since October 2009 and love it! Here are some tips and tricks to maximizing your profits from this very fun little game. For more info such as payout rates & payout methods go here for more info.

First of all, grab yourself a lightweight browser such as Meleon. While Firefox, Opera, etc. will let you play the game, the site will load a bit slowly for you.

Character Development
When you first start your character each month, you get a free point to put into your attributes. Plunk that into Attack.

If you are being frugal and not spending money on codes, then put your points into Attack. This way you can slaughter the monsters before they can even touch you.

Every four (4) levels, put two points into Defense and a point into Ruse. Just to keep your character safe. Yes, you get three points each level up.

Be wise with your gold! Whatever gold you have left over at the end of the month, this is what is converted to US Dollars. So do not go willy-nilly with spending, no matter how tempting.

I find the best weapon to use is the "Sword of Kings +6". It is devastating to monsters until you are about level 40. The price fluctuates daily, but averages between 6400 and 7300 gold. A good investment.

Your character can hold and use three (3) weapons. Fill those slots with weapons you find. Make sure to rotate which weapons you use when in actual battle as weapons will break and need to be repaired.

Buying potions is a chancy thing. Sometimes you will visit dungeon after dungeon and not find a single potion. But most of the time you will find potions.

If you are going to buy a potion, only buy the "Potion of Healing +5" as this will heal all 5 points of your health.

Right after you enter your first dungeon of the day, take a "Potion of Learning +2" so you can level up faster. As the potion lasts an hour, use it when you are doing several dungeons in a row. In an hour most people can do about four (4) dungeons.

The game developers of Dungeons & Treasures are constantly tweeking current monsters and adding new ones. So the monster to health ratio may be a bit off, but it is a general rule of thumb.

Monster Strength - Very Low. Damage To You - 1 wound
Monster Strength - Low. Damage To You - 2 wounds
Monster Strength - Medium. Damage To You - 3 wounds
Monster Strength - Strong. Damage To You - 4 wounds
Monster Strength - Very Strong. Damage To You - 5 wounds

Your character can take six (6) wounds and then you die. So, when you see your "Wounds" at 5, it is time to take a potion or use up one of the three (3) lives you are given daily.

Your character levels up by fighting monsters in dungeons. Maximize this with a Potion of Learning +2.

Levels are reset to 0 at the end of each month and the maximum level is 100.

The amount of gold you find/earn is directly related to your character's level. So try to get your level up!

Level 1-9 you find about 1000 gold per dungeon.
Level 10-20 you will find about 2000 gold per dungeon.
Level 20-30 you will find about 3000 gold per dungeon.
Level 50-60 you will find about 5000 gold per dungeon.
Level 60-70 you will find about 6000 gold per dungeon.
Level 70-80 you will find about 7000 gold per dungeon.
Level 80-90 you will find about 8000 gold per dungeon.
Level 90-99 you will find about 9000 gold per dungeon.
Level 100 you will find about 10000 gold per dungeon.

While there are many things to do daily at Dungeons & Treasures, I am only focusing on the free stuff.
1. Visit the Temple daily. The gold you are "granted by the Gods" is not terribly random in frequency. You will win about every 3-5 days you visit in a row. The amount of gold you will win is random.
2. Grab your free box every day for Treasure Hunt. Don't get excited. Wait until the jackpot is bigger than $0.50. While chances are slim you will win the jackpot, why take a chance and waste it on a mere $0.05? You are more likely to win gold and keys.
3. Holiday/Seasonal games. Usually around a holiday such as Christmas, there are free chance games to play.
4. Grab your dungeon from the Tavern.
5. At the end of dungeon exploring go to Market -> The Players Market -> Put Object In Sale and sell off excess items. Be sure to price accordingly! You may find you will sell to the Shops for better than in The Players Market. But that is very rare.

You get a dungeon free each day via the Tavern. You can collect up dungeons and do them all at once if you want. See my tips on maximizing leveling in Leveling and Potions.

When you are in a battle with a monster, whatever button you select, Attack, Dodge or Run Away, that is your final choice. So be sure you want to do what you want to do. If you Run Away you can always go back and fight the monster. Undefeated, encountered monsters appear as a red icon on your map. Defeated monsters are white.

You can click on the little map on the lower right side of your dungeon crawl to pull up a big full map of discovered areas. This is very handy when having to backtrack.

Most doors encountered in a dungeon will, initially, be locked. As you wander the dungeon you will find all the keys you need to open every door.

There is usually some sort of group quest going on. Once you log in, check the front page. If there is, be sure to join up as soon as possible. When the group quest is over, you are awarded based on your accumulated "esteem points". This is how you can get Stars for free!

If there is a group quest going on, look for a random image to appear with each page load. Most of the time it is a weapon or piece of armor. Click it for a random event to pop-up. It takes about an hour of page loads to get 12 random events. Don't worry if you don't get all of your daily clicks for random events. The clicks left will accumulate until the end of the group quest. Just be sure to use them!

You can collect dungeons and do a bunch at once. I am usually too busy to play Mon-Fri so I do my dailies and collect those dungeons then split them up between Saturday and Sunday using the Potion of Learning +2.

Watch your Lives. If you have 0 Lives left, do not die in a dungeon or you are stuck in that dungeon until lives refill the next day, I repeat, do not die in a dungeon or you are stuck in that dungeon until lives refill the next day. This means you can not grab a new dungeon from the Tavern and will miss out on a dungeon.

Be sure use any keys you find in the Chests Room.

If you start the adventure on day one and play every day without upgrading or buying codes you will end up around level 55-60 using my strategy. Buying codes, extra dungeons, etc. will max out your level to 100. But we are here to make money, not spend it right?

Finally, be sure to sell everything you can sell when you are done the last day of the month to maximize your gold.


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Stay frugal!