Gaming Fitness - Part 2

Our next step in gaming fitness is to find a way to squeeze in a workout while playing video games. In this installment we are going to focus on Shooters and Fighting games.

The method given below I have successfully used for awhile now. Feel free to adjust to suit your needs.

Shooters & Fighting
First we are going to focus on multiplayer. Gaming for three hours.
1. Every other match alternate one rep of five of squats, push-ups and crunches.
2. When KDR is negative (more deaths than kills)/you lose a round, alternate one rep of five arm curls and leg lifts.

This next part is for playing the story. Gaming session of three hours.
1. Every fourty-five minutes of gaming take a ten minute break. Take this time to do simple stretches and walk. Around the room, home, anywher so long as you are walking!
2. Every save/checkpoint do #1 from the muliplayer.
3. Everytime you die, do #2 from the muliplayer.

Parent Tip
When your child is gaming, set a timer for every 20-30 minutes. At those time intervals have your child do age/ability appropriate evercise. Even if your child walks around the room three times, they are moving!

You will notice that cardio is not part of gaming fitness. I have found that doing a quick cardio workout before I start gaming really seems to 'wake' me up. I tend to play better.

Next time in Gaming Fitness, I will reveal my RPG strategy.

Disclaimer: I am only offering my opinions and experience. Always consult with your doctor before starting any new/different exercise.


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