Gaming Fitness - Part 1

It seems the negative stereotype is that video gamers AKA gamers are, well, fat and unfit. As with any group of people this may be true of some. From cashiers to executives, all have a percentage of members that are unhealthy.

I know many gamers. Very few are unfit. A few are pro athletes. Some are military, firefighters or cops - all fit professions. Still others I know and game with follow a great workout routine.

But once in awhile a great video game is released that just grabs our time. A few years back I came up with a way to meld both exercising and gaming together.

Please do not insult me by thinking I sling on some workout "video game". I play real video games ranging from Shooters to RPGs. None of which, currently, are motion related.

For parents, the media portrays video games negatively. Especially where fitness is concerned. Yes, as a parent your job is to protect your child from video games that are not child-friendly. So only some of my tips and suggestions will apply to helping you help your child onto the path of a fit gamer.

So gamers, parents of gamers and anyone connected to gaming, pay attention. Over the next few weeks this series is going to help you all!


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Stay frugal!