Xbox Live + PSN Weekly Deals 9/8/2011

This week's deals on Xbox 360 are all about the Battlefield: Bad Company 2. So, looking to extend the playability of your copy of Battlefield: Bad Company 2? Then snap up these deals!

Deals include:
Onslaught Mode - 200 MSP (50% off)
BFBC2 Vietnam - 600 MSP (50% off)
Bad Company™ 2 VIP - 400 MSP (50% off)
Bad Company™ 2 Vietnam Theme - 120 MSP (50% off)
Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2 Theme - 120 MSP (50% off)

Check out the Deal of the Week here.

As always this week's PSN deals and freebies are pretty good. But first, the free stuff.

Armageddon Rider – Armageddon Rider Avatar
Armageddon Rider -Collider Zombie Avatar
Armageddon Rider – Fast and Deadly Avatar
LittleBigPlanet 2 World Peace Day Costume
Bashi Blocks Free Mini
Plants vs. Zombies
Astro Tripper
Altered Beast

Looking at the percent off in the sales, one stands out. Unfortunately it isn't as good of a discount as Xbox 360 is offering. But, it is still a fairly good discount.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Add On Bundle – $29.99 (30% off)

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