Text & Win 9/7/2011

There are a couple of Text and Win contests going on right now. Here are the primo ones in my opinion. The rest are for cruises or cars. Things truly frugal people avoid as they are all going to cost a ton of cash in taxes alone plus extras such as accommodation, travel, etc.

How To
Simply enter the code provide and send to the number provided. You will receive a confirmation text back. Then, if you win, you will be sent a text notifying you.

1. Add an alert of some kind to let you know when the contests have ended so you aren't sending needless texts.
2. If you don't have a data plan (unlimited texts) the do not enter these via text. Look for the alternate entry method.


Hershey Summer Win Cash for Free Gas
Quick: Daily entry per person; Ends September 15, 2011
Rules: http://www.hersheys.com/hsygas#pr_rules
Entry: HSYGAS to 44144

Optima Batteries The Power Play Instant Win Game
Quick: Daily entry per day via text + daily entry via online for 2 enteries per day per person; Ends September 30, 2011
Rules: http://optimabatteries.prizelogic.com/#
Entry: OPTIMA to 87963
Note: One win per household

Wrigleys Richard Petty Driving Experience
Quick: Daily entry per person; Ends September 30, 2011
Rules: http://www.expressconsent.com/wrigleysracingexperience/
Entry: VROOM to 47766

More S'mores, More S'miles
Quick: Daily entry per person; Ends November 30, 2011
Rules: http://www.hersheys.com/smoressmiles/promotion/rules.aspx?ICID=SMR2036
Entry: SMORES to 44144


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Stay frugal!