Rockstar Says Thank You With Free DLC & Glitch Patches

Rockstar Game Studios recently announced that they are giving us free DLC for Red Dead Redemption as a fan appreciation on Tuesday, September 13, 2011. How cool is that?

Let us get to the nitty gritty of the DLC. First of all, the DLC is free for both Xbox 360 and PSN. It will include eight new characters to play as. And it gives new multiplayer maps. Unfortunately PC players seem to have been forgotten.


New Characters
Landon Ricketts
Vicente DeSanta
Drew MacFarlane
Deputy Eli
Deputy Jonah
Javier Esquella

New Maps & Their Modes
Armadillo – Stronghold
Beecher's Hope – Stronghold
Benedict Point – Hold Your Own, Grab the Bag
Chuparosa – Stronghold
Cochinay – Gold Rush, Shootout, Gang Shootout, Stronghold
El Presidio – Gold Rush, Shootout, Gang Shootout
Gaptooth Mine – Shootout, Gang Shootout
Nekoti Rock – Gold Rush, Shootout, Gang Shootout
Perdido – Hold Your Own, Grab the Bag
Pike's Basin – Shootout, Gang Shootout
Plainview – Gold Rush, Shootout, Gang Shootout
Rio Bravo – Shootout, Gang Shootout
Torquemada – Stronghold
Tumbleweed - Stronghold

In addition to this announcement, Rockstar also listened to the players and will be releasing an update today, Monday September 12, 2011, that will restore original settings for the Undead Overrun mode. This update is also supposed to fix the following glitching/cheating problems: Invincibility, invisibility, rapid fire and Undead Bait (see below about Undead Bait).


I will give you a bit of a warning though. This last weekend several friends and I were playing and despite our blazing fast internet connections, the Rockstar servers had us buffered down to barely a trickle and almost no connection. In addition, approximately every 15 minutes one of us would get dropped from the game.

Everyone restarting their modems did managed to make this situation better. For about 30 minutes.

Because of this, we gave up trying to play any mode but Free Roam together. Who wants to be dropped in the middle of something competitive?

Now for dealing with those little jerks that just can't play the game without exploiting glitches or flat out cheating, the update that restores Undead settings will help clear this.

But, until then, if you run across some jerk that is invincible in Undead mode, be aware there is a way to give him some swift justice: Grab some Undead Bait then hit him/her with it about four times. This will cause the little cheater's game console, either Xbox 360 or PS3 to freeze. Please do not do this to random people/anyone else. You will then instantly become the jerk and we will all hate you as well as the amount of reports Rockstar will get about you will sail through the roof.


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Stay frugal!