September's Games With Gold - Xbox Live

Xbox 360

Battlestations Pacific
4.91 GB
Full Game
Rated T
Free until September 15, 2015 (midnight-ish) with Xbox Live subscription

I really enjoyed playing this game. You get two campaigns: Historically based USA campaign and the historically possible Japanese campaign.

Be warned, this game will challenge your gaming skills and patience as you get closer to the campaign ends. I grew too frustrated to ever finish the campaigns. I was impossibly stuck on the second to last mission of each campaign.

But, this game is a wonderful homage to those that fought in WWII, giving us a small taste of what both USA and Japanese soldiers endured.

Additional freebies
There are no additional freebies nor any DLC associated with this title.

Grab Battlestations Pacific free with Xbox Live subscription.

Xbox One

Deer God
315.95 MB
Full Arcade Style Game
Rated T
Free until September 30, 2015 (midnight-ish) with Xbox Live subscription

I'm so over platformers. Over it over it over it. Hey game developers, the 1990s called, they want their rubbish old games back. So stop making them.

This game is in the 8-bit style. And, is a platformer. There seems very little point to the game and the story is thin if you want to call it a story.

The best part of this game is that I turned it on, started the game, plugged my controller in and let it run while I was out having some fun. I came back to two achievements: Goody Two Shoes (25 points) and Survivalist (50 points). I was gone about 6 hours. So, at least if you let the game run at the start of the campaign (*snicker*) to get your extra 1000 reward points, you will get a couple of achievements.

Additional freebies
There are no additional freebies/DLC associated with this title via Xbox.

Grab Deer Gold free with Xbox Live subscription.

How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition
3 GB
Full Arcade Style Game
Rated M
Free until September 15, 2015 (midnight-ish) with Xbox Live subscription

This is a carry over from last month and will be removed from the listing from Games with Gold on September 15, 2015.

Yet another old fashioned game. I've really come to believe so many rubbish little old style games are being released so large titles such as Fallout 4 sell in overwhelming odds as gamers thirst for games that use the full capacity of their current gen consoles. Gaming industry conspiracy maybe?

Regardless, this game isn't too bad. It's a top-down game so you are warned. And, after hearing many friends rage and complain on how difficult this game was, I chose to play on the easiest setting. A bit of a historical moment as I usually start games on the hardest difficulty.

I enjoyed what I played. My favorite aspect of the game is the graves you come across. They are markers of where your gaming friends perished/last progress. Just a cute Easter Egg.

Additional freebies
There are no additional freebies associated with this title.

Grab How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition free with Xbox Live subscription.

Xbox Live Rewards
Battlestations Pacific has a possible 1000 points members can get for 10 hours of gameplay until September 15, 2015. Also, Deer Gold has a possible 1000 points members can get for 10 hours of gameplay until September 30, 2015.

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