Some Xbox Freebies (Halo 4 Stuff Too!) (11/7)

As of this posting, these freebies work. I will be, in a week or so, removing the links because Microsoft loves to change URLs and give us all broken links. Not only that but freebies, gaming freebies in particular, tend to end quickly. So jump on it!

2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon- Forza Horizon (DLC car)
NFL Play 60 Jersey - Avatar Gear (Male) - Thanks Mike
NFL Play 60 Jersey - Avatar Gear (Female) - Thanks Mike.

That is all I could find for now. Be aware that there are TONS of free shows such as Mob Doctor, on the Amazon app on the Xbox 360. Might take some surfing around the app itself to find what you want. But, I assure you, tons of free shows are available.

But, I was pointed to a gem from one of our readers, Mike. What you do is go right here. Be sure whatever gender you choose is the gender your Xbox 360 Avatar is. Then if you live in the UK, you can get a free Xbox 360 outfit for your avatar that is for Halo 4. Squee! Lucky UK people. Some less than honest people are known for clearing cookies and grabbing more codes. So if you see any red Halo 4 avatar codes up on Ebay or such, know that they were originally free! I tried for a Male one to give out to a reader but was told they are gone. So my own avatar got a Female one. Good luck!!

Did you enjoy the freebies? Were any of you able to get a Halo 4 Male avatar outfit? Let us know!


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Stay frugal!