Marked Down On Xbox This Week (11/7)

This week is all about the Arcade games. And, they are all 50% off! Sweeeet!

Games on sale are:
Shoot Many Robots
All Zombies Must Die!
Guardian Heros
Joy Ride Turbo

Oddly the price of each game, reduced, is 400 MSP. What an odd coincidence.

I have a hard time buying Arcade games unless they are dirt cheap and/or very very fun. Do you like Arcade games?

No deals are listed for PC, Mobile or Avatars. Sorry!

Did you snag any Xbox deals this week? Remember, you can check out the deal of the week for Xbox 360 right here.


  1. My son likes to get them cheap too. Right now he is saving for Minecraft. He is hoping that will be on sale. He trys a lot of the demos to see if he likes them.
    Sue B

  2. If he wants Minecraft for the playability, there is a cheaper Indie game called FortressCraft Sue B. With over $3 million in sales, Minecraft will stay at it's price for awhile more. :(


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Stay frugal!