Text To Win - Oct 2012

How To
Simply enter the code provide and send to the number provided. You will receive a confirmation text back. Then, if you win, you will be sent a text notifying you.

1. Add an alert of some kind to let you know when the contests have ended so you aren't sending needless texts.
2. If you don't have a data plan (unlimited texts) the do not enter these via text. Look for the alternate entry method.

Subway Text To Win Sweepstakes
Quick: 1 entry per person; 1 prize per person; Ends October 31, 2012 at 11:59:59 PM ET
Rules: http://txt2win.subway.com/web/pages/tc
Alt Entry: https://txt2win.subway.com/web/desktop/participate
Prizes: Daily prizes of $6 Subway Gift Card
Entry: Text your valid e-mail address & local SUBWAY® restaurant store number to 782929

TWIX® Brand Exclusive Experience IWG & Sweepstakes
Quick: 2 enteries per day per person; 1 Grand Prize & 1 First Prize per household; Ends 11:59:59 AM ET on April 30, 2013
Rules:  hhttps://sweepstakes.mars.com/win/# (pop-up)
Prizes: One Six Flags Experience Grand Prize; One Xbox Experience Grand Prize; (290) Kinect for Xbox 360 bundle; (150) Tickets for a Six Flags Theme Park; (99560) Coupon  for a TWIX® Caramel Cookie Bar or TWIX® Peanut Butter Cookie Bar
Entry: Text TWIX to 23000; Code 04040509 can be used each entry.

2013 Seagram’s Gin® Cover Model Vote Sweepstakes
Quick: 1 entry per entry method for a total of 4 entries;  1 prize per person/household; Ends October 21, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. ET.
Rules: https://iframecontent.com/seagrams_vote_82712/rules.pdf
Prize: 1 $1000 Gift Card; 1 $500 Gift Card; 1 $250 Gift Card
Entry: Text VA to vote for Jamie, MI to vote for Ashley or GA to vote for Antonia to 59141

Kellogg's Experience the Gold
Quick: 1 entry per person; Ends March 31, 2013
Rules: http://www.experiencethegold.com/OfficialRules.pdf
Prize: Trip to Olympic training center in Colorado Springs, CO, 10x $100 bank loaded credit card
Entry: Text GOLD to 772937

Q. What does MSP mean?
A. MSP stands for Microsft Points, the online currency used to buy things on Xbox Live.

Q. What does IW mean?
A. IW stands for Instant Win. You should be notified fairly quickly if you won or not.

Q. I didn't get a response text when I entered!
A. Don't worry about it. Sometimes the response back takes hours and hours. Just don't get anxious and enter again. You could be disqualifying yourself.

Q. How much does it cost to enter these text & win contests?
A. If you have texting included in your cell phone plan, then nothing more. If you pay per text, look at the alternate ways to enter contests.

Q. Does anyone really win these?
A. Yep. I have won a few. I tend to fund my Xbox Live Avatar with nifty outfits and pets using won MSP.

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