Mass Effect 3, Multiplayer & Cheaters

As anyone that plays multiplayer of any game knows, there are always those that cheat. They are the annoying people that use exploits, glitches, etc. Sometimes they even manage to freeze up our games or consoles. I get why people cheat. I just don't do it and I advocate against it. My self-esteem is good enough I don't need it caressed with cheating my way to the top.

That in mind, Bioware has always taken the issues of cheaters in the multiplayer section of Mass Effect 3 seriously. It's not hard for them to do. Afterall, every other weekend is an event. In order to reap (yes pun intended) the benefits of the event, players must enable feedback upload. So in essence, everything every person in multiplayer is doing, is being sent to Bioware. This is a big old Homer Simpson DOH! for cheaters.

If for some reason you do not think they are serious (pay attention Treyarch & InfinityWard), on July 17, 2012, they banned 1359 players from multiplayer. 1359 people, worldwide, banned in a single day. This is on top of their weekly efforts to keep multiplayer clean by banning as they go. And as this game spans the Xbox 360 world, PSN world and PC world...that's a lot of work on Bioware's end. Watch out WiiU...they will be watching.

And, as Bioware isn't a big bad entity, there is an appeal process: That is whom to contact if a banned person feels different than the evidence suggests.

But, the good news is for honest players that just enjoy annialating Reaper forces, there is a way to report cheating bastages: Of course this means you must stop your game and write an e-mail. But, it is better than nothing.

Honestly, I've only dealt with three idiots trying to cheat while playing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. What I have seen more of is boosters. Jeesh those idiots annoy me. At least pretend to play by letting your cat sit on your controller.

Have you dealt with many cheaters/exploiters while playing Mass Effect 3?


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