Be A Guest Writer At Frugally Fabuloso

It was pointed out to me recently that Frugally Fabuloso doesn't look like a blog that accepts guest posts. This is far from the truth! We do!! In fact, being a guest blogger is very easy here at Frugally Fabuloso.

Let us get the ugly business of what we are firm about not doing here:
  1. No posts on religion or politics. There is an old saying, unfashionable now, that indicates religion and politics isn't to be done in polite company. We follow that here. There are plenty of blogs and websites devoted to such things. We are devoted to being frugal.
  2. No syndicated content. It has already been done and indexed by search engines. Having old news here is redundant.
  3. Keep it G rated as much as possible. Everything we put on the internet is archived, somewhere. Just take a look at The Wayback Machine.
  4. Make sure the pictures, if any are used, are yours or legitimately public domain. If not, provide a credit as per applicable laws.
  5. Going back to the polite/impolite dealie, no referral links/affiliate links. It is just rude. ;-)
  6. Do not copy other people's work. Even "borrowing" heavily from someone elses writings is frowned upon here to say the least.

What we do allow here:
  1. I write in a conversational tone. That means, I write each post the same as if I was telling you in person. This is acceptable here. This means sometimes grammar is chucked out the window. Oh, we do try to abide by grammatical rules, but it is OK if your grammar isn't perfect.
  2. Posts do not have to be huge essays. So long as what you submit is at least 200 words, you should be good.
  3. I grew up with the internet and I am 40. This should indicate why I do not download any attachment. Just submit to me in an e-mail body.
  4. Frugally Fabuloso covers a huuuuge range of topics. Yes, we focus on being frugal heavily. It is in the title. But we also write about beauty, gardening, gaming, couponing, reviews, being get the idea. Take a look to the right of this posts at the "Contents" widget. If you want to write about something that is not listed there, drop us a note to see if your idea can fit in here.
  5. A short bio/promo about yourself at the end of a guest post. A few sentences is wonderful and common practice these days. Let the world know who you are.
  6. All links here, unless directed to another post/page on Frugally Fabuloso, open up in a new window and we heavily use the noref tag. Guest bloggers' short bios are one of the rare exception to the noref tag.
  7. You do not have to be a blogger or any real writing experience to be a guest writer here. Just a desire to share something you know. We are happy to help if you need any.

Sounds good right? Thought so. Go ahead and let us know if you have an idea for a post or just want to see if you can post here. You stand to lose nothing and gain, well, you can gain a post right here at Frugally Fabuloso.


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Stay frugal!