Most Anticipated DLC for October/November 2011

Here is a sneak peek at some DLC to expand your video games.

Portal 2 - Peer Review
Price - Free for PC/Mac (auto download via Steam), PS3 XBox 360
Remember that cross-platform co-op gameplay is only for PC, Mac & PS3 users.
Release Date - October 4, 2011 (now)

Dragon Age 2 - Mark of the Assassin
Price - PC/Mac 800 BioWare Points, PS3 $9.99, XBox 360 800 MSP
All new mission with Felicia Day (The Guild) as the voice of Tallis a new elf assassin companion.
Release Date - October 11, 2011

Batman: Arkham City - Robin, Catwoman & Nightwing
Price - TBA
Note that these are 3 different DLCs with achievements.
Release Date - October 2011 & November 2011

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing Link
Price - TBA
Release Date - TBA later this week

Gears of War 3 - Horde Command Pack
Price - XBox 360 800 MSP
Get three new muliplayer maps, command posts, fortification levels plus three new characters - Bernie, Big Rig Dizzy & Onyx Guard.
Release Date - November 1, 2011

Dead Island - Bloodbath Arena
Price - PC $10, PS3 $10, XBox 360 800 MSP (free for pre-order owners)
Single and multiplayer DLC XP transfers over to main story XP.
Release Date - TBA

Quick reminder for the patient and frugal people out there: Most of these games will come out with a game of the year which includes DLC. Can you wait a year from release date?


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Stay frugal!