Update On Earning Online - Videos

As some of you may be aware, Beezag is the main company behind Adgenesis, a paid to watch commercials company. In the last few months, Adgenesis has branched out and offered it's paid commercial service to others.

What does this mean? This means you should double check programs you earn online with and look for a section usually entitled "Video". At least once a day you can earn from each program, even if you already watched the commercial with another company.

Currently the following programs I do offer Videos.

Cash Crate
Inbox Dollars

I am sure many more will be offering this. For me, each program only takes about 7 minutes maximum to watch the commercials and enter the little scrolling numbers to enter at the end.

Be sure to check it out so you can maximize your online earnings!

Learn more about the various online earning programs by going here.


  1. Some of these I've never heard of. Def being checking them out.

    I'm still working on my second payout on Inbox. I don't take many offers so the emails and if I have time a survey. I got frustrated with surveys when I was nit getting the cash but answering a lit of questions. I'll keep trying tho. I like the gold member section. I'm getting there faster on it.

  2. I will be honest, I don't do the surveys or offers. I only do the paid emails and the videos with InboxDollars. This means I get paid once a year. But, for a about 30 minutes a week, it isn't that bad.


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Stay frugal!