Top Five Gardening Tips

Here are five of my most essential gardening tips for new gardeners and expert gardeners alike.

1. Don't over do it. Meaning, better to have a few beautiful marigolds in a small area that are well-kept rather than planning for a full-blown formal English garden and finding it more work than you can do and then you abandon your garden.

2. Draw before you grow. Don't need anything fancy. Just pencil and paper. Really helps keep things in perspective.

3. Mulch is your friend. It helps keep soil temperature even, water in and can even help with pests. Don't think because it's a potted plant mulch won't help. It will help any planting. Check your local waste company. Many have free compost/mulch days.

4. Keep tools clean. Help stop the spread of parasites and microbes by taking a few minutes to clean your gardening tools when you are done with them. No one wants to contaminate their soil.

5. Know your zone. Seed packets are labeled with Zones. Once you know your zone, a whole world will open up on what is best to plant. Added bonus, zone appropriate plants will thrive under your care. USDA Zones are here.

I hope these tips will help you whether you are a master gardener or beginner. All these tips apply to container gardening and in the earth.

What is your best and/or favorite gardening tip? Let us know in the comments!

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Author: Janna Hall
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  1. Thank you. Some helpful tips. Learned something new too.
    Sue B

  2. Awesome Sue B. Glad you stopped by - thank you!


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