Certificates, Accomplishments - All Free 5/23/2011

While some free things on the internet have vanished, others have not only flourished but expanded. One of those categories is education.

Today I am bringing to you a compilation of free online classes in which you get a nifty certificated at the end. Be aware, the certificates are mostly fluff, but, if you are trying to plump up your resume or even just like that sense of accomplishment, read on! Be aware that there are even more free online classes with certificates for Law Enforcement, Firefighters/EMT plus National/Homeland Security and Emergency Management. Too many to list.

1. Most classes are at will. Others have waiting lists. And some have a set schedule.
2. Be sure to give your class your full attention to gain the most in your learning experience.
3. Do not enroll/start too many classes at once or you will quickly feel overwhelmed and not finish any of them.
4. Even if the class does not give college credit, this does not mean it is not a learning tool for you. Give the class some respect.

About.com - Free certificate of completion
Psychology 101 E-course
Note: I'm sure if you dig around the HUGE site that is About U you will find a few more free classes that give you a certificate of completion.

Alison - "over 100 free courses in Computers, IT Literacy, Languages, Health and Safety and Liberal Arts and Sciences." Certificate of Completion. Examples are:
Advanced Mathematics 1
Advanced Chemistry 1
Diploma of Business Management and Entrepreneurship
Fundamentals of Operations Management
Human Health - Diet and Nutrition
Microsoft Arabic

BoatU.S. Foundation - A free certification class in:
Boating - power, sail and PWC.
Be sure to check with your state to see if this is enough for your boating license.

Etiquette 101 - Certificate
Become a Certified member of the Department of Public Etiquette from the Etiquette Police.

International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Inc. - Certificate of Completion
Safe Practices for the Home Inspector
Log Home Inspection
Green Building Inspection
Inspecting Portable Fire Extinguishers
Introduction to InterNACHI's Residential Standards of Practice
Note: All other courses require membership/fees.

Professional Touch-typist - Certificate
Pass the typing lessons and the final typing test (3 attempts only). Certificate is good for one year. (English only)

Quality Gurus - Certification w/certificate
Introduction to Six Sigma
Introduction to ISO 9001:2008
Internal Auditor Course

SBA - Certificate of Completion
How to Write a Business Plan
Introduction to Accounting
Technology 101
Note: Once the video ends for each one, you have the option to print your certificate
There may be more certificate classes here:
Starting Your Business Classes
Managing Your Business Classes
Marketing Your Business
Financing Your Business
Government Contracting
Note: Some business loans require a Certificate of Completion from the SBA in order to help qualify.

United States Institute of Peace - Certificate of Completion
Conflict Analysis
Negotiation and Conflict Management
Interfaith Conflict Resolution
Note: In addition to English, some courses are offered in Arabic, Farsi & Spanish.
And, just to broaden your mind, a free general course Introductory Course on the OSCE (also used for agents in REACT).

If you were to successfully complete all the above, your resume, office wall, where ever, will have hundreds of new certificates.

The following used to clearly offer certificates but, now I can't find certificate information anywhere. The courses may still offer a certificate or not. The classes are still good though!

How To Be A Gardener

So, here is to you, as you stretch your mind without stretching your wallet because you are staying Frugally Fabuloso!

Do you know of a free online class/course that comes with a free certificate? Let us know!


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Stay frugal!