Top 5 Fabulous Cooking iPhone Apps - Guest Post by Tina @ TechTools4Mom

In today’s world, just about everything is digital. One of the things I love about digital information is the space saving it provides by not having a ton of books lying around the house. One of my biggest book collections used to be my cookbooks. With my iPhone and iPad, I no longer need those big bulky books sitting in my kitchen! Below are 5 of the best iPhone apps to use in your kitchen.

Although this is not a recipe book, it is a reference for those that need a little extra help in the kitchen. One of my alter egos is The Floundering SAHM. Literally, I am domestically challenged. And this carries over into the kitchen. Once in a while, I have a huge cooking success, but I’m not the most creative or daring cooks in the world. Sometimes, I just don’t grasp the basic concepts. This is where the Cooking app comes in. It helps you with ingredient substitutions, measurement conversions, and high-altitude information. A must have in the kitchen. (FREE) Dinner Spinner

This app, created by the world’s #1 food site offers you over 40,000 recipes to choose from. You can choose by type of dish, ingredient, or prepare/cook time. Shake the iPhone when your selections are made and recipe ideas pop up. You can also do just a regular search for recipes as well. You can also share recipes via email and save recipes to your favorites for future use. (FREE)

Paprika Recipe Manager

Need one place to organize your recipes? Paprika is the new recipe manager on the iPhone. Add your own recipes, download recipes available online, create a shopping list based on your recipes, and there is also a meal planner included with this app. Paprika also allows you to email recipes and shopping lists…so you can send hubby to the store for you! ($4.99)

Campbell’s Kitchen

I can’t say enough about Campbell’s Kitchen. I did a review on this free cooking app on TechTools4Mom back in January. What do I love about it? The best is that you can take your iPhone and scan a Campbell’s product which will automatically bring up recipes that use that ingredient. Like I said, I’m not that creative. I have things in my cabinets I’m not sure what to do with; this app helps me when it happens to be a Campbell’s product! Similar to The Dinner Spinner, Campbell’s kitchen allows you to make selections to find new recipes. Search by keyword or browse by categories. If you are already a member of, you can save and organize recipes within the app. (FREE)

Crock-Pot Slow Cooker Recipe Finder

I have to admit, being a bad cook; my crock-pot is one of my best friends. I don’t have to slave over the stove and cooktop all the time. On busy days, or days when I just don’t feel like cooking, I make a slow cooked meal. I love how it makes the house smell delicious all day. Something in the crock on a Sunday during football season just makes the lazy day feel awesome. Sunbeam put together Crock-Pot Slow Cooker Recipe Finder for those that love their crocks. The recipes range from main dishes, breads, and desserts, with much more than just that. Add ingredients to your search to find a recipe, search by crock size, cuisine, course, and many more. Save recipes to your favorites and utilize the Virtual Cooking Timer included with the app! (Free)

Guest Post by the awesome Tina @TechTools4Mom
Tina is a SAHM of two girls, one dog, and a husband. She started TechTools4Mom where she blogs about iPhone and iPad apps busy moms can use to make their lives just a little bit easier.
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  2. I have not heard of the Paprika one, Thanks! I love the Crock Pot app. It is one of my favorite ones.


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