Beauty Tips 4/4/2011

Today I'm going to post some beauty shortcuts and tips for you all. Some you have seen before, others may be new to you. Feel free to post your tips in the comments section.

1. Olive Oil - For centuries women in North Africa and throughout the Middle East have kept their hair beautiful with olive oil. For me, I do this treatment once a week. Using a little cheap low grade olive oil, massage into hair gently, avoiding the roots unless you absolutely need to. Then, wet a towel with hot as you can stand water and wrung it dry. Wrap it around your head and let the heat do it's work for you. Be sure to leave the hot towel on until it has cooled completely and/or 30 minutes have passed. Rinse out. Be sure to wash hair the next day using minimal shampoo. Saves on those expensive hot oil treatments. M/W $

2. Shampoo - Odd how a Hindu word made it's way into our lives, but it did. Honestly, you only need about a dime size amount of shampoo. Even if your hair comes to your waist like mine does. You see, you are only really washing your scalp and about four inches of hair from the scalp. Be careful when you shampoo to avoid the ends of your hair. If you use a bunch of products on your hair, you will need to give a quick wash to it all once a week. M/W $

3. Conditioner - Shampoo once, condition twice. But do the reverse when conditioning as when you were shampooing. That is right, condition the parts you didn't wash. M/W

4. SPF - Or as I like to call it, sun shield. Add a little bit of your favorite sunscreen to your liquid foundation. Do you really think the SPF 10 is enough that most liquid makeup claims to have? Add a little bit to your favorite lotion. This way you are always sure to be covered. Get it...covered? Nevermind. LOL

5. Hair Gel - While this strictly isn't hair gel, it is a method for keeping those stray hairs in place with sleek pulled back hair styles such as buns, ponytails, etc. Add a few drops to the palm of your hand of baby oil. Rub your hands together then smooth over your hair. Presto! $

6. Face Powder - I have used this method on my niece whom is Eritrean so I am sure this will bend nicely into women with dark skin. Baby powder is your friend. Nothing worse than running out of loose or pressed powder. Simply use baby powder and sweep over face with a large makeup brush. Be sure to check for pockets of baby powder as this will make you look like a clown in spots. As you will rarely be using this, just pick up a travel size for about $1 and it will last you at least a year. $

7. Makeup Brushes - At least once a week get out a cup, fill it with cold water and a drop of shampoo. Put your makeup brushes in there, brush side down to soak for about 30 minutes. Swish each brush around in the soapy water then rinse well. Place back in now empty cup brush side up to air dry. You have just extended the life of your brushes and now that mystery color won't be on your eyes. $

8. Color - Spare a few drops of your usual hair color for your shampoo and conditioner. This will help extend the life of your coloring. Taught to me ages ago by my favorite hairdresser. M/W $

9. Pearly Whites - Mix a little baking soda and water together to make your own whitening toothpaste. Tastes icky but works beautifully. Also, sipping through straws will bypass your teeth, but help towards the "smoker's wrinkles" around the mouth. Your choice. M/W $

10. Freezer - Keep your eyeliners and lip pencils in the freezer in a bag. This will help them not break as you sharpen or use them. $

M/W = Men & women
$ = Save some cash

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