Resolution 1/3/2010

With a new fiscal year upon us, many people make resolutions. Unfortunately many also fail to keep their resolutions and end up very discouraged.

For me I see each year's, each month's, each week's beginnings as a fresh start. So what if I didn't do exactly as I resolved to do? I can try again. The main thing is to stay positive.

Sounds easier than it is though. This I will admit. So, I get some help. I listen to positive reinforcement via my iPod. You can find a slew of these for free online if you do keyword search for self-hypnosis. I tried hypnosis, it failed me. I wasn't able to "be put under" for some reason. But, what these positive reinforcements do is help me reprogram my brain to be more positive and affirmed in what I am trying to accomplish.

Currently my iPod list contains:
Believe in Yourself
Quitting Smoking (hahaha not working!)
How to Be More Motivated
Stopping Self-Sabotage

I will admit, when I fall off the iPod wagon, I do revert more to negative ways. I therefor, try to listen at least three times a week.

Finally, the most awkward thing I do to help keep myself motivated is self-affirmation in the mirror. This is very awkward to me. It feels very...unnatural.

What do you do to stay motivated and resolved?


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Stay frugal!