Project Legacy 1/4/2010

If anyone is playing Assassin's Cree: Project Legacy on Facebook, send me a friend request. I am in need of Uplay Points and of course help in understanding what the heck to do with all these mnemonic fragments I am getting.

For those of you not playing but interested here are two Promo Codes to help you out:
Erudito's Network (random experience boost, a florin boost, increased chance for chance items, or an increased chance for a mnemonic) - 7D05C12C
Abstergo Insider (increases your chances to win in PvP) - VGVTC8GX

How Project Legacy directly works with your AC Brotherhood
1. Finding and combining the Auditore Trail in Project Legacy will grant you Venetian Cape and Florentine Cape in your AC Brotherhood game.
2. Buying certain landmarks within both Project Legacy and AC Brotherhood will get you florins in both games.
3. Uplay Points earned in Project Legacy can be used for Uplay Rewards for AC Brotherhood. Or any Ubisoft game. :D

Well that is enough from me today!


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Stay frugal!