5 Frugal Valentine's Gifts

Yes, it is right around the corner. Valentine's Day. Full of red hearts and cherubs. If you are stuck for ideas here are a few to save you some hassle.

1. Indoor romantic picnic. It's inexpensive and weather friendly. Just light up a few tea lights for mucho atmosphere!

2. Print out love coupons. The whole cost is based on the ink, paper and time you invest in putting it all together. Stuck for ideas? Try these free printable love coupons here.

3. Send your better half cute/steamy/loving text messages every hour all day long on Valentine's Day. If you are super busy, check app store for free apps that let you program and send texts.

4. Write a genuine love letter. Remember writing? It involves paper and a pen. Sit down and write a love letter. If you do it today, you can even get it delivered by mail to your Valentine!

5. Who (besides me) doesn't love S'Mores? Cozy up while it's still chilly and enjoy this microwavable S'Mores Maker. It does two at a time. Best part, it's under $12!

I hope these little ideas have helped you stay frugal and romantic.

What will you be doing for Valentine's Day? Let us know what you will be doing and/or additional ideas you have in the Comments.

Author: Janna Hall
Janna enjoys the thrill of a deal and sharing frugal tips, cooking and her passion, video gaming. When not blogging, Janna can be found on her Xbox 360, cooking, earning some cash or gardening. Share tips, recipes, deals here and follow on Twitter.


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