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By now you all have a firm grasp that I'm a gamer. I don't just sit around watching TV. Well, sometimes I do. I challenge my mind and my body with video games. Like most gamers, I often look for food I can just stuff in my mouth. But, unlike some, I look for food I can stuff in my mouth, that isn't going to completely destroy my body.

Enter my easy quiche. It can be made ahead of time and treated like a mini pizza. But...much more nutritious. This recipe is not a traditional one. It is a modified one I make to reduce the negative aspects of eggs. Don't get me wrong. Eggs are great. However, eating lots of eggs, or anything for that matter, isn't so good for the arteries.

Finally, this is the base recipe. Feel free to use the suggested ingredients at the bottom to add to your quiche or even come up with your own favorites! Without further ado, basic quiche.

2 whole eggs lightly beaten
2 eggs, whites only, lightly beaten
1 cup of milk (1%-Whole)
1/2 cup of shredded cheese (your choice)
1 premade pie crust (defrosted) (or make your own)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Combine the milk with the eggs and mix together.

Carefully pour egg and milk mixture into the uncooked pie crust. Then sprinkle your cheese all over the mixture in the pie crust.

Bake until a knife comes cleanly from the center of the quiche. This is approximately 30 minutes.

Can be eaten hot or cold. Stores in 'fridge for 3 days.

Optional Ingredients

You will see I reduced the negative associated with eggs by doing 1/2 whole eggs and 1/2 separated eggs. You are welcome to do 4 whole eggs.

What is your favorite way of making quiche? Let us know via comments!

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Author: Janna Hall
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