Late Harvest Gardening

I haven't done anything on gardening for ages (since May, 2013)! I apologize for that.

For you gardeners, now is the time to get your quick late-harvest planting in.

Check your expected frost dates to help determine what you can potentially grow from seed right now in the ground. If there isn't enough time for full maturity, look at planting outside, in a suitable container. This will enable you to bring in when frost threatens.

To do a quick germination to speed things up, check out this blog post.

To keep things simple, I'm going to list out quick plants first.
Basil 30-60 days to maturity (frost kills, grows well in pots)
Mustard Greens 30-40 days to maturity (light frost OK,y grows well in pots)
Radishes 30-60 days to maturity (light frost OK)
Spinach 35-45 days to maturity (light frost OK, grows well in pots)

The following, while taking longer to be ready to harvest are hardy and so may be good for you to plant.

Green Onion 60-70 days to maturity (OK down to high 20s temps)
Kale 40-60 days to maturity (OK down to 20, grows well in pots)
Brussel Sprouts 90-100 days to maturity (OK down to 20°)
Cabbage 50-90 days to maturity (OK down to 20°)
Peas 70-80 days to maturity (OK down to high 20s)
Collard Greens 40-65 days to maturity (OK down to 20°, grows well in pots)

So, armed with this knowledge, what will you be growing and staying healthy with?

Author: Janna Hall
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