Free - Rainbow Six Vegas Xbox 360

Rainbow Six Vegas
6.6 GB
Single Player, Co-op and Multiplayer
Free until September 30, 2013 with Xbox Gold Subscription

Awesome game. But only if you enjoy first person shooters where the game developer actually hunted down glitchers and cheaters, punishing them. Unfortunately the post Call of Duty 3 players have recently hit this game so be prepared for some jerks.

Be aware there are two bits of free DLC. Red and Black packs. If you care about achievements, do not download them until you get the Special Operations achievement. For many people, the DLC seems to glitch out that achievement.

Current Freebies
Rainbow Six Vegas
Player's Pack: Black Edition
Player's Pack: Red Edition
Game Manual

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Don't like digital copies of games? Grab Rainbow Six Vegas for only $7.00.

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