Xbox Rewards For June 2013

I will be honest, I'm not overly impressed with the methods for earning Microsoft Points (MSP) this month. Apparently with summer imminent and the Xbox One getting attention, Xbox Rewards is slacking off. But, there are a few ways to earn your rewards this month.

More Games, More Points
For every qualifying game you purchase from Games on Demand, you'll earn a punch. Complete all five punches to get 1,600 MSP. Games that qualify are all $19.99 and above. Check the used games at Best Buy, Gamestop and your local used video game store first.

Just Push Play
For any TV Season Pass or HD movie you purchase from Xbox Video, you'll earn a punch. Complete all five punches to get 1,000 MSP. HD movies/TV Season Pass must be a minimum of 1,000 MSP to qualify for a punch.

Check your MyPunchcard stats.

Nothing new here, just the same as when I let you all know about MyAchievements here.

Check your MyAchievements.

Community Playdates
Same as I explain here. I will add that a player's ability to actually get into a Playdate event is beyond difficult and being able to stay in the special event for the full hour is just as difficult.

List of Community Playdates.

Quick Survey
Usually the survey is a short poll and is worth 20 MSP ($0.25). Doing the monthly survey will take you 5 months before the 100 MSP will be deposited into your Xbox Live associated Gamertag. Everyone, free or paid gets this. Great for second accounts as well.

There are other ways to earn with Xbox Rewards. The handy at-a-glance guide to earning Xbox Rewards is found right here (link no longer works).

Remember, Xbox Live Rewards is free. If you already have an Xbox 360 account, why not join? Even as a free member you can slowly earn rewards. Go here and log in with your Windows ID associated with your Gamertag.

Finally, if you are curious on figuring out how much cash you are saving or earning I found this MSP Converter very handy. It converts the MSP value into 10 different countries' currencies.
Author: Janna Hall
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