Xbox And PSN Sales + Freebies 6/19/2013

This week Xbox Live has Popcap Games at mostly 50% off. I really hope Microsoft continues the Summer of Arcade once the Xbox One is released. I have really found some fun gems for a very reasonable price.

Xbox Live
Zuma's Revenge! Gold Exclusive Price 400
 Zuma Gold Exclusive Price 200
Feeding Frenzy Gold Exclusive Price 200
Feeding Frenzy 2 Gold Exclusive Price 400
Bejeweled 3 Gold Exclusive Price 600
Bejeweled 2 Gold Exclusive Price 200
Bejeweled Blitz LIVE Gold Exclusive Price 200
Heavy Weapon Gold Exclusive Price 400
Astropop Gold Exclusive Price 400

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Recently Reduced
Alan Wake's American Nightmare ® Gold Exclusive Price 800
Shred Nebula Gold Exclusive Price 400
Batman: Arkham City Gold Exclusive Price $19.99
Batman: Arkham Asylum Gold Exclusive Price $19.99
Mortal Kombat Gold Exclusive Price $19.99
Quake Arena Arcade Gold Exclusive Price 400
Boulder Dash-XL Gold Exclusive Price 400
Karateka Gold Exclusive Price 400
Hybrid Gold Exclusive Price 400

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In mobile gaming, Civilization Revolution is on sale for $0.99. Requires 59 MB download and works with Windows Phones 7.5 and 8. Check it out here.

And now, Microsoft has finally added a dedicated Avatar Clearance/Sale page. There are 117 items on sale to spiffy up your Avatar. I will warn you, some of the items aren't the best price I've seen them. But, if you have been dying for something new for your avatar, here you go!

I could only find one freebie. Dexter outfit for your Avatar. Look for the Showtime ad on your dashboard to snag this. And yes, this is the Dexter Showtime series.

Saint’s Row: The Third (PS3, PS+) - Free
Gods Eater Burst (PSP/PS Vita, PS+) - Free

I'll be honest, I'm not seeing any deals that stand out as good deals much less exceptional. My recommendation is to save your money and see what next week's deals hold.

Go here to see the sales, freebies and full discounts on PSN.

Let us know in the comments plus any deals you have snagged!

Author: Janna Hall
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