A Look At Disney's App On Xbox 360 #DisneyXBOX

Last week I was delighted to see that Disney decided to join everyone else and give Xbox 360 users a free app to watch Disney related material. And this time, it's not in a beta phase like last year's Disney XD app.

I downloaded the 118 MB app and then began to explore. I found it was laid out almost exactly the same as all the other apps and therefor easy to navigate.

I happily saw a nice mix of shows available, including my beloved Winnie The Pooh. More importantly, there are shows available that are for nearly every age group. Most are the good stables in Disney's TV channel's repertoire.

Once I went to the Movies section of the app, here is where my first disappointment began. No movies. Instead, what you will find in the Movies section is clips, mostly from the Special Features section of the DVD of the movie.

I then scrolled over ready to register myself as an app user and found there is nothing of the sort. So, users can not create watchlists or look at viewing history.

Back I went to shows, let's see what this is all about right? I began to watch some Adventures of Winnie The Poo. Each clip was very short. Less than three (3) minutes. Between each clip was a long delay in the loading of the next clip. Then, after three clips, the advertising came. This is standard for free apps of this nature. I was very happy to see that the advertisements shown were all Disney related. This means a child can be left to enjoy the app with no fear of "What is that being show to my child?!?!?!" happening.

I decided to let that app run on the Winnie The Poo to see if all the clips would play or if it would stop after a few clips. It did play all the clips. Pausing only for Disney related commercials and the long loading of new clips. However, once the last clip played. The looping stopped.

I then did this with another show. Same result. What this means is that there is no fear of the app just running and running if you have set the Xbox 360 to shut off after an hour of inactivity. Disney inadvertently keeping their app green.

Now, here are some quick facts about the Disney app:
Xbox 360's parental controls are honored by the Disney app.
An Xbox Live Gold Membership is required to play the app.
Each section in the Disney app can not be filtered for easy searching.
The Disney app is free to download and use on Xbox 360.
Disney app is Kinect compatible.

To download the Disney app to your Xbox 360, navigate to Apps from the dashboard then over to Videos. Once in Videos, scroll over until you reach the Disney app. Click it and choose Download. Having problems or need more help with the Disney app on Xbox 360? Go here for all the help info you'll need.

Overall I am a little disappointed with the app but am happy that Disney is making steps in the right direction.

Have you tried the Disney app on Xbox 360? What do you think of it?

This review contains only my opinions. I have not been financially compensated in any way. I did not receive nor use any samples and/or coupons in order to provide my review only my own Xbox Live Gold account and Xbox 360 console. Feel free to read my full disclosure policy.

Author: Janna Hall
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