A Little Greener, A Little Healthier: Growing Tomatoes

I'm the odd gamer when I'm gaming in my choices of snacks. I am known for grabbing a salad instead of chips. As a result, I have become fond of growing my own tomatoes. And, I have grown from both seed and baby plants I pick up.

Many of you may be thinking tomatoes are difficult to grow. No and yes. Once you realize a few basics, you will be growing your own tomatoes and snubbing store bought.

  1. When transplanting/planting tomatoes, bury the little plants up to their first set of leaves.
  2. Cage or stake each tomato plant. 
  3. Remove extra side branches to promote growth and yummier tomatoes. Side branches (suckers) tend to grow from or next to an established branch.
  4. Keep an eye out for pests. Grow basil with your tomatoes.
  5. Do not plant related species close to each other. Including eggplant and peppers. Helps prevent disease spreading.
  6. Don't go hog-wild with high nitrogen fertilizers. Unless you want fewer tomatoes produced.
  7. Most of the time seeds from tomatoes you bought to eat at your local grocery store will produce plants. 
With those basics in mind, go, experiment and have fun growing your own yummy tomatoes!

Need more info? Here you go!

What are you growing in your garden? Let us know via comments!

Image courtesy of clker.com.

Author: Janna Hall
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