Xbox Dashboard Freebies 1/24/2013

I'm noticing more and more free stuff for Xbox 360 owners is advertising related. Meaning, I am forced (twist my arm for freebies) to endure Dashboard refreshing and clicking on an advertisement.

Here are the basics with dashboard freebies:
  1. Getting a new set of advertisements to show up is mindnumbing and annoying. For me it is. To summon new advertismenets, press the guide button. It's the giant (usually silver button at the top of a controller). Now, press the (usually) yellow "Y". Voila! Refreshed.
  2. Some freebies are regional locked. So, if it is a Canadian freebie, your profile needs to be Canadian. Simply changing your region doesn't help. It seems to be connected to the region of account creation.
  3. I've noticed advertisements change about every few hours. If refreshing becomes frustrating, take a break and play some games.
  4. You may have to endure an awful video before the good stuff is available.
  5. Most stuff I list here also has Gamerpics and themes for free. But, they tend to be un-fabuloso so I don't list them individually. Feel free to download and let us know if there are any nifty ones.
  6. Ad campaigns can end at any time. So jump on trying to get them as soon as you learn about them.
  7. 99% of avatar items are profile locked. So if you want an item on a different Gamertag, you need to find the ad and download it to that account.
So, that all said, the first advertisement you are looking for is from Ford Motors related to the Mustang. I went click happy so am unsure if there is a video ad to be viewed. Once in on a contents screen, look to the bottom for Avatar. Navigate to that and click. See that bounty? Start downloading each item. All are free. What you get is: Ball Cap; Shirt; Driver Suit; Blue Shelby and Black Boss.
Regional Locked: At least to North American, probably USA. Anyone confirm?

Next is the old Cadillac ad. Specifically the one with downloads. Cadillac added a sweet red car that is an Avatar prop.
Regional Locked: At least to North American, probably USA. Anyone confirm?

One of the most elusive advertisement is the Chase Liquid. If you manage to find this, you will know. Because the ugliest Avatar item ever will be there. A Onesie. Reminds me a bit of a teal Tron outfit. But not as cool.
Regional Locked: USA

Finally, keep your eye out for my most beloved Turtle Beaches advertisement. Once in, navigate until you are able to download, individually, the following: Hat; Shirt; Headset and Palm Tree.
Regional Locked: At least to North American, probably USA. Anyone confirm?

Did you manage to snag these? Let us know. And, as always, if you find any nifty freebies, let us all know!

Author: Janna Hall
Janna enjoys the thrill of a deal and sharing frugal tips, cooking and her passion, video gaming. When not blogging, Janna can be found on her Xbox 360, cooking, earning some cash or gardening. Share tips, recipes, deals here and follow on Twitter.


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