Must Have Links/Info For Mass Effect 3

With the influx of new to Mass Effect 3 multiplayer gamers, some of you may be aware of these great links, others are not. I will try to be clear: I did not do the research, nor compilation nor in any way manufacture nor create these wonderful pages full of great info. All I am involved with is the collection of the links and plunking them together for your bookmarking pleasure.

And...all information is regarding the multiplayer aspect of the game.

MP Weapon Stats -

MP Enemy Heath -

MP Enemy Damage -

MP Enemy Spawns -

MP Gear/Equipment/Weapon Mod Bonuses -

MP Combo Damage -

MP Ultra Rare Drop Rate/Premium vs. Regular Spectre Pack -

MP Online Class/Character Builder - (website appears to be gone)

While some of the information may be a bit off due to the numerous "balancings" that Bioware has done, the information is still solid enough to get you in the ballpark.

What is your favorite multiplayer character?

Author: Janna Hall
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