Marked Down On Xbox This Week (1/30/2013)

Well deal-hunters, this week is a mixed bag of deals. While most are not 50% off, there are bunches! Let us start first with the Deal of the Week which focuses on some pretty fun Arcade games.

Mega Man 9 640 MPS
Mega Man 10 640 MSP

Additional Characters Pack (12 Chars) 1200 MSP
SF/TK Swap Costume Complete Pack 720 MSP
DLC Char Swap Costume Complete Pack 240 MSP
TK DLC Char Alternate Costume Complete Pack 320 MSP

You can check out the deal of the week for Xbox 360 right here.

If you go on your console and go to games sales/specials directly, you will see reductions in EA games. Deals in include:

Battlefield 3 Premium - save 800 MSP
BF3 Ultimate Kit - save 1200 MSP
BF3 Vehicle Shortcut - save 640 MSP
BF3 Co-Op Weapons - save 200 MSP
BF3 Kit Shortcut - save 1600 MSP

EA Sports
NFL Blitz - save 600 MSP
SSX - save $15
Eddie & Classic - save 320 MSP
Madden NFL 13 - Save $20
Tiger Woods PGA our 13 - save $20
NBA Jam: On Fire Ed - save 600 MSP
Fight Night Champion - save $10

Dragon Age 2
Assassin - save 240 MSP
Legacy - save 400 MSP
Exile Prince - save 160 MSP
DA2 game - save $10

Dragon Age: Origins
Witch Hunt - save 160 MSP
Leliana's Song - save 160 MSP
Ostagar - save 160 MSP
Darkspawn Chronicles - save 160 MSP
Awakening - save 1200 MSP
Golems of Amgarrak - save 160 MSP

Warp 400 MSP
Shank 400 MSP
Shank 2 400 MSP
Deathspank 600 MSP
Deathspank: TOR 600 MSP

Misc DLC
From Ashes - save 240 MSP
NFS Ultimate - save 400 MSP
Dead Kel - save 400 MSP
Teeth of Naros - save 400 MSP

Here is the link to mobile games that are free and these are only $0.99.

Did you snag any Xbox deals this week?

Author: Janna Hall
Janna enjoys the thrill of a deal and sharing frugal tips, cooking and her passion, video gaming. When not blogging, Janna can be found on her Xbox 360, cooking, earning some cash or gardening. Share tips, recipes, deals here and follow on Twitter.


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