I Scoff At Motion Fitness 12/22/2012

With Microsoft's Xbox 360 the latest console (and last) to jump on the motion fitness bandwagon I got to thinking. Fitness and video gaming. Really until a few years ago this did not mi itness people were on one side of the fence while video gamers were on the other side of the fence. For the most part.

But, do I really need to spend nearly $200 just to stay fit? Ha I say! How can I be frugal and spend $200 on, yet another, piece of exercise equipment? Nope. Not going to happen on my end. Not when I already have my Xbox 360 and plenty of games that I actually love to play.

Yet, I can remain healthy and be a devotee to the video game industry. How you ask? Simple! Think of the stereotypical coach of any sports team. Got the image? Yep, a fat man yelling at the minor inadequacies of others in order to cover his major innadequacies. That aside, this image also brings to mind the "punishment for failing to reach excellence".

How does all this relate to video gaming? Simple. Let me explain. Bear with me as all will become clear very soon.

I am a devote 1st person shooter gamer. I run and gun. I shoot first, ask questions later. Afterall, all is fair in love and war. And this sure isn't love. ;)

What I have incorporated into my video game lifestyle is to impose the aforementioned stereotyped coach's mentality upon myself. That is to say, for every match I play that my team does not win I do some exercises. Granted the time period between matches is about 30 seconds. But do you realize you can do at least 5 crunches in 30 seconds?

As well as that, if my KDR (Kill Death Ratio) for that game is off-balanced, I further enforce this punishment for lack of excellence. Once again, did you realize jumping jacks can be quickly done in 30 seconds.

What is the point of all this? Simple. I no longer have to make time for exercising on days I am not playing well or my team is not playing well. I do game about 4-8 hours a day afterall. Matches are typically 10 minutes long. You do the math.

So what about days you are unstoppable you ask me? Simple. I make the time to work out. InDemand has a TON of free and great exercise programs. 10 minutes of this, 10 minutes of that. Presto! I have my work-out. All without spending more money.

While this is the method I have adopted in my video game lifestyle, this logic and method can be applied to other lifestyles. Use your imagination.

I hope you have enjoyed another way to stay healthy, frugal and fabuloso!


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Stay frugal!