Blog Makeover!

I hope you love the new look here at Frugally Fabuloso. Working with older coding really gave me some trouble. But, I prevailed and nearly all is done. I'm loving how clean and pretty it looks. Just have to fix the multitude of broken links now...

After finding over 1000 broken links, almost all of them from freebies posted, I've done a major housekeeping and deleted all old and outdated freebie/sale posts. This means it should be much much easier for everyone to find current freebies and deals. What a wonderful person I am right? ;-)

I was also very saddened to see many bloggers I had linked to in various posts as resources had up and vanished as well. That sort of thing makes me feel old in the blogging world. Sure, we all run into the blogging wall, so to speak. But, once one has dedicated oneself to blogging, one should continue or at least let people know they aren't blogging anymore.

Fingers crossed I can keep up with links going dead!

Do you like the new look? Or do you prefer the old look?


  1. I like the look of it - it seems more bloggers are putting their sidebars on the left hand side vs the right lately. It doesn't look totally like a blogger blog anymore :) Coding can be tough at times but glad you prevailed. I still have some broken links when I converted one of my blogger blogs to a wordpress. Just a little at a time with 24 hours in a day.

  2. Seems much more easy to use. Does look really clean and pretty.
    Sue B

  3. Thank you Lisa. Honestly, I was tired of my blog looking so...cookie-cutter style. Which is why I spent a disgusting amount of time tearing coding apart and recoding. I found brokenlinkcheck .com to be the most comprehensive broken/error link checker out there. Plus it is all online, no sign-up and free. Good luck with the broken links Lisa! Feels great to have them all removed. :)

  4. Thank you Sue B. I love the gentle teals as well. Calming. Any suggestions you have to make the site easier to use, please let me know. :)


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Stay frugal!