Hurricane Sandy: Some Important Contact Info

With Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the US East Coast, most
preperations have been made and emergancy plans are in place.

Round out you emergancy kit with the following information. Be sure to
write it down in case you need it and have no power to return here.

FEMA - Recommends usinf texts and social media such as Twitter and
Facebook to lessen the strain on bandwidth. Voice calls use more
bandwidth than a text. @fema on Twitter if you need more info.

Disaster Distress Hotline - Don't suffer in silence. You are not alone.
Contact: 1-800-985-5900 (English and Spanish)
Text TalkWithUs to 66746 (English)
Text HABLANOS to 66746 (Spanish)

The Red Cross - Contact varies by location. But they have a fab app
called "The Hurricane App" in which you can get help, let people know
you are okay and more. Check the Apple App Store and Google Play. Also
available in Spanish.

Finally, stay safe everyone!


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Stay frugal!