Double XP & N7 This Weekend 9/7/2012

This weekend is hot for gamers. Plenty of new games coming out and that came out. Plus a few multiplayer gaming events for Mass Effect 3, Max Payne 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Mass Effect 3
This weekend is the every other weekend N7 event.

"Unexpected attacks have taken out several squads and damaged vital Alliance equipment. We will deploy drones to repair damage and investigate the nature of these attacks.
Squad Goal: Complete up to and including wave 10 on any difficulty without using a consumable (medi-gel, ammo, Ops pack or Cobra missile launcher)
Allied Goal: Complete 250,000 escort missions on any difficulty.
Special Circumstance: None

Individual Goal Success: All individual players awarded a Commendation Pack
Allied Goal Success: All players awarded a Victory Pack"

Sounds like many players will be taking turns on not using consumables while teammates use theirs.

Max Payne 3
Rockstar has double XP all weekend long on Max Payne 3 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Usually when these events go on you get a chance to kill a Rockstar too so keep your eyes open for one!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
The infamous Infinity Ward announced that double XP is live. Unfortunately they failed to mention for what platform and for how long. So, fingers crossed it is all weekend and across all platforms!

Red Dead Redemption
Nothing for Red Dead Redemption this weekend. But a promise of triple XP sometime later this month was issued. The last few times such a promise was made, I found myself getting extra XP randomly all weekend long. Might be worth a bit of multiplayer time, just in case.


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