Mass Effect 3's Operation: Overwatch - July 27-29

For fans of the Mass Effect series, be sure to jump into this weekend's multiplayer fun. Note that you *must* be using the Earth pack. Which is free DLC. So, what are you waiting for?

"Operation OVERWATCH drops troops on Earth to tackle the most secure Reaper strongholds. Reaper anti-air defense will make for high-risk shuttle extractions.

Squad Goal: Extraction on any difficulty with at least one squad member using an Earth Pack character
Allied Goal: Extract 800,000 individual players on any difficulty, with each live member counting toward the goal.

Special Circumstance: Extraction time lengthened due to failure of Operation BROADSIDE.

Squad Goal Success: All squad members awarded a Commendation Pack.
Allied Goal Success: All players awarded a Victory Pack that includes a new Earth character.

Requirement: Mass Effect: Earth must be installed to earn these rewards.

REMEMBER: Feedback upload MUST be on for us to know if you complete the Squad or Allied goals. If it is not, we will not be able to grant rewards to deserving players. Thanks."

Typically these events start in the evening for folks playing in the USA. Late nite/early morning for my friends in Europe!

Will you be doing this event?


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