In Search of...Pizza

I had the distinct displeasure of choking down, yet another, terrible pizza in PA.

To be honest, moving to PA was a culinary disaster. Not for lack of trying on my part! I have sampled wares from West Chester County, Adams County, Lancaster County, York County, Dauphin Count and Cumberland County.

So far my cullinary exploration of PA has been...disappointing. PA defies the basic rule of thumb: Eat where the locals do.

I want a yummy pizza. I want to support local businesses. I really do! But with everyone's crust so rubbery I could chew it for days as bubble gum. "Sauces" bear that repellant tin taste. Revealing it as a simple canned tomato sauce, sans seasoning. Do not even get me started about how lunchmeat is not Canadian Bacon. Finally, what is with the lazy allegance to disgusting canned mushrooms?

It does not matter what I order, how I order it or where I order. The pizza is over-priced and unfit for human consumption.

My most recent expedition to finding a decent pizza have included, from worst-est to worst-ish:
Jim & Nena's
Shakey Jakes Strombolli Pizza & Subs
Daddyo Pizza

All are found in and arund the city of York.

This said, PA has managed to perfect the earliest records of apple pie recipes (from England), the original 1885 CE milkshake and, so long as you don't order one outside of Philidelphia, the Philly Cheesesteak.

While these three things are yummy scrummy, they do not fill the void in my tummy for a good pizza.

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