My Place, 6 Years After Katrina

Do you know that six years ago today is when I lived through one of the USA's worst disasters in it's recorded history? I am of course talking about Hurricane Katrina.

Since that time I have worked hard at my psychological, physical and financial recovery. I have succeeded in some areas, and still not in others.

One of the biggest steps to my recovery was my finally moving from my apartment in the French Quarter to another state. As I am no longer surrounded by people I went through the ordeal with and other survivors, I have been able to make leaps and bounds in my mental well-being. No more do I hear day in and day out about "Woe is me." Everyone around me seemed to revel in their pity party. Everyone I ran into was wanting more of, well, everything. Me, I wanted to earn mine.

That is not to say all Katrina Survivors are this way. Many have gone on to do great things for themselves and others.

Some things that happened, are still too terrible for my mind to cope with and are still boxed up. At regular intervals I open that box and try to face them. I have managed to overcome one. I am still working on the others. Afterall, while time may not heal all, it does soften and provide prospective.

This is why I was in such a panicky state all weekend when Irene was sweeping in. I know many people here on the East Coast and feared for them. Not from the storm itself. Storms we can deal with. But I was frantic to learn of the aftermath. I prayed and sent so much positive energy into the world that none would witness nor experience what I did.

So far, it looks as if my prayers and positive energy have been rewarded. While some have, sadly, perished, none of the violent chaos seems to have ensued.

If you are reading this and dealt with Irene over the weekend then know my thoughts are with you and yours as you pick up the pieces.


  1. I can only imagine what people went through. Would you be dealing with a form of PTSD? I hope you continue to heal, I think at times it must be harder to heal than the ordeal.

  2. Thank you for asking Crissy. I do at times still exhibit classic PTSD symptoms. But, what really helps is playing video games. I know it sounds silly. In the beginning, after Katrina, I would play because it would stop my hands from shaking all the time and that feeling of terror in my stomach.

    About 2 years ago I ran into some publishing on therapists using video game therapy on soldiers and others with PTSD with great success. Others I knew started drinking or worse. So I guess video games is the lesser of the evils.


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Stay frugal!