Tips To Better Habits

I have always had bad habits. Most of us have. Every year around my birthday I evaluate myself. What are my weaknesses? What are my strengths? That sort of thing. But, unless bad habits are broken and new good habits developed, everyone is in the same boat: Failing.

Over the years I have learned and developed some ways to help me keep up on developing good habits. I hope they help you!

Daily Affirmations
Very simply, I look in the mirror for a few minutes each day and say positive things about myself as well as any good habit I am trying to learn. I also will do reverse to help break bad habits.

Example: I will not play video games for 6 hours solid. I will take breaks from gaming and walk around.

Learn a bit more about daily affirmations here. (Guess they weren't doing daily affirmations as they are gone!)

Goal Buddy
Taking the step forward and saying to someone, "Hey, I need help" is super tough for many people. But, if you can do that and have the person agree to remind, encourage and support your new habits, life will be easier for you. Even better if you are goal buddies for each other! This will project and help keep the energy flowing.

I have tried this in the past with great success. Unfortunately, my mutual goal buddy flaked so our partnership was dissolved.

Your Cell Phone
Isn't it cute? Of course it is. Now, if you can take a few moments away from texting, chatting, emailing and playing with apps, your phone can really help you with new better habits.

Explore your cell phone and find the Calendar. 99% of cell phones have calendars. Now, set up a little reminder once a day, once a week or however often you think you need to be reminded of your new better habits. Be sure to save it!

A second way that your cell phone can help you develop and maintain better habits is via text. Yes, there are reminder services that will charge you a fortune for the service. But, here at Frugally Fabuloso, we look at free ways first.

Google. Yeah yeah. The internet giant has taken over all aspects of life for us it seems. But, if you dig around your Google account you will find your own personal Calendar. Be sure to set it to Private so people aren't digging around your personal growth and development. Also, set up your Mobile Settings so you can receive notifications via text.

Now, sprinkle around reminders, positive thoughts, great motivational quotes, etc. all around your calendar. Set any you want to really enforce to repeat. Now, the important part, be sure to enable SMS/Text reminders.

Presto! You have your own positive better habit reminder service!

Let me know if these tips work for you or if you have your own tips to better habit forming.


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Stay frugal!