Frugally Fabuloso's Green Summer Challenge Blog Hop

With Summer upon us, our thoughts turn to fun and of course heat. This Summer, why not take the Green Summer Challenge it is not as hard as you might think and it is frugal! Psst...$=Save money G=Green

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To Participate

1. Agree to one or more of the following (do as many as you can as often as you can):
a. Turn the AC up a few degrees, aiming for 78 degrees. When you are gone, set it to 85 degrees. $G
b. Change your AC filter once a month. $
c. Ditch the AC for most of the day, opening windows in the morning and late evening to catch the cooler air and use fans. $G
d. Use natural product charcoal or propane when BBQ-ing. G
e. Use reusable dishes instead of Styrofoam or plastic. $G
f. Water plants only when needed. Switch to a watering can to control how much water you give your plants if you don't already use one. $G
g. Spread some drought tolerant grass seeds on your lawn area to cut back on the amount of water you need to use. $G
h. Switch from commercial weed killers to homemade vinegar weedkiller. $G
i. Buy ($23.98) or make a solar oven to use when time allows. $G
j. Switch to a natural insect repellent (think Eucalyptus). $G
k. Convert your car to be a water-gasoline hybrid. $G
l. In your more eco-friendly car, road-trip the Summer Vacation. Ditch the airlines with their heavy prices, fees and carbon emitting ways. Anyone complains? Just tell them it is Vintage and you are supporting your country's economy. No one can argue with Patriotism. ;) $G
m. Is your destination less than 2 miles? Do the 2 Mile Challenge this summer. $G

2. Please follow the hostess and leave a message so you can be followed back.

3. Please visit as many blogs as possible.

4. If someone visits your blog please visit theirs back, if their blog isn't for you, don't follow back if you don't want.

5. Please, family friendly blogs only. :)

6. Link to your blog post that has the above blog-hop button. Without a post it makes it harder for people to have a proper place to comment and let you know they hopped by.

7. At the end of Summer, let everyone know how much money you saved.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us enjoy a beautiful and green Summer.


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Stay frugal!