Frugal & Fabulos Makeup Tricks - 6/27/2011

Here are a couple of quick tips I have learned over the many years I have been wearing makeup. I hope they help you!

1. Create your own tinted moisturizer.
The basic rule of thumb with this is 2/3 moisturizer to 1/3 foundation or foundation powder (mineral makeup, etc.). Once you have this well mixed, I use either a mini plastic cosmetics spatula or a cotton-tipped test and see how it looks. Need a touch more coverage? Add more foundation. Do you need it to be more sheer? Add a bit more moisturizer. And if you want it to enhance your summer glow, just add a bit of bronzer. Store in a clean jar, bottle, or tube.

2. Lipstick for everything.
For many years when I am running low on time or want a different look, I use a light, slightly bronzed lipstick as eyeshadow, blush and of course, lipstick. The overall effect is a beautiful mono-chromatic look. All that is needed is some mascara and/or eyeliner.

3. Wash those brushes.
Once a week be sure to give your makeup brushes and sponges a good wash and let dry thoroughly. This is both for hygiene and to stop all your makeup colors become one color.

4. Body makeup.
Models and celebrities often have body makeup added so they can achieve a "perfect" look. You can do the very same thing. See tip 1 for tinted moisturizer only make up a bit in the shade that matches your legs, decollage, etc. Don't be afraid of coverup on spiderveins, bruises etc. And always, always set with a makeup setting spray so you don't end up losing your camouflage.

5. Loose powders to pressed powders.
Often loose powder will be much less expensive than pressed powder. No fear, you can turn the loose into pressed. There are a variety of methods ranging from covering with waxed paper/saran wrap and pressing to a more professional style as demonstrated here.


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