Helping Others 12/8/2010

As some of you may know, I have a good friend, Scott Campbell whom developed Type 1 Diabetes (as opposed to Type 2 which is from incorrect diet and lack of exercise) due to medication he was put on as a teen.

Scott has always fought this disease but over the last year he is losing the battle. Recently his doctors gave him a year or two to live as the disease has wrecked havoc on his body.

The good news is that he is at the top of a pancreatic transplant list. The bad news is that he can't fully afford it.

As a result the official organization (Fundraising Assistance and Support for Transplant and Catastrophic Injury) is helping him raise the last bit of money he needs for his transplant.

Here is his page there that gives more info. Donations can be made via the website or via the donation telephone line 800-642-8399. It is IMPERATIVE that the donation is made in Honor of Scott Campbell otherwise it will go into a general fund that anyone can access including junkies that finally figured out their liver is no good because they were smacked out all the time.

I know you all are great people whom are under tight finances. I myself am on a shoestring budget and have only managed to scrape together a few dollars to help him.

Even if you can't afford to help, reposting this on your blog, mentioning it in a Twitter post, printing out and giving to friends/family and/or taking this info to work or associations, we can, together all help Scott finally have a normal life that does not involve being in ICU at least once a month. The shortened url is

Thank you for listening!

On a side note get your free Diabetes Support & Awareness wristband here. (No longer available.)


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Stay frugal!