Gray Hairs 11/24/2010

While I was trying to work on the computer today the following conversation occurred for your amusement.

Mancreature as he stands over me trying to work excited as a small child at Yule: Hey! You-have-a-gray-hair-want-me-to-pull-it?
Note his hand is already on my skull in eager anticipation.
Me as I bat his hand away from my head: No.
Mancreature: Why not?
Me: Because I have more than one hair like that. I will be bald. Plus they just grow back with lack of color.
Mancreature as he readies himself in excited anticipation: So? Let me pull it.
Me shooing his eager hand away: *sigh* Is it gray?
Mancreature: It's actually pure white.
Me: If you can find a gray hair, I will concede to you pulling it from my scalp in your efforts to get away with hurting me. I started getting my gossamer white hair during Hurricane Katrina. They remind me of how I survived.
Mancreature: Oh. I don't want to hurt you.
Me: Then why try to pull hair from my head?
Mancreature: But it's cute!
Me: Exactly. Leave the cutie alone.
Mancreature with his hand wavering above my head again: Why don't you dye it?
Me as I once again bat his hand away: Because. *sigh* I can't dye my hair until after I get the body wave. Then I have to wait at least two weeks to dye it from that point.
Mancreature: Well, it's only four inches long. The rest of your hair is like two feet long.
Me, in a tone as if talking to a simple child: Like all mammals, humans, me, shed. It is simply growing.
Mancreature, unperturbed: Just let me pull it. Please?
Me: Sure! After I pull all your gray hairs out. And your head is covered in gray hairs.
Mancreature: Uhm. Nah. I'll let you get back to work.
Me with a sly grin: Sure thing babe!


  1. LOL... Thanks! That was definitely amusing. I had to cut one of my gray hairs down because I braided my hair and three or four of them were sticking straight up. The one just refused to lay down so I had to take drastic measures. May it rest in peace. :-D

    Have a great holiday.

  2. Why do they do that? Stick straight up that is? I really think gray hairs are born with a determination to be noticed.

    Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.


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