A Bit More Personal 9/21/2010

Just a quick update about kgb_. Wow, talk about slow!!! I participated in a conversation that ended with finding out that the company hasn't advertised since August 5, 2010! No wonder no texts are coming in and my earnings dropped from $3/hour to $0.55/hour. Since my earnings with them have dropped so much, I have been devoting less time to kgb_ and instead doing more surveys. Top that with the influx of outsourcing to the Filiphines and presto, less money. Who would have thought such a way to earn money in the USA would be outsourced? Oh well, this is how things are in the USA. No wonder the economy isn't picking up. *le sigh*

Also my poor Mali (Thai for Flower), for those of you that remember, is my red Siamese Fighting Fish, got a boo-boo on her eye. Which in turned caused her eye to swell. Dech (Thai for Strength) was swiming frantically close to her trying to stay at her side, showing signs of stress. I fear I will lose both him and her. I check on her what seems like 100 times a day. Other infections can set in. I have put up the divider for now. But first sign of outward infection, I have to move him.

To be honest, I am thinking of moving him anyway as he stays pushed against the divider now and she also stays pushed against the divider.They seem to be trying to be next to each other. I'm very worried as all the remedies I am told to do are not working. This action breaks my heart. I can't imagine being kept away from the side of someone I cared about.

These little fish survived Hurricane Katrina as I sacrificed my precious little water to give them some fresh water for ages. Then alone in the tub with the last of my water I finally fled the city of New Orleans because the Police and US Marines had made life too unsafe in the French Quarter. They were alive, barely, when I came back a month later. Then they survived a move across the country to Pennsylvania in my lap. Then another move within Pennsylvania. They have me trained and seem to know the difference between me and others as I am the only one that can hand-feed them.

To my horror I realized today that I do not have any pictures of these guardians of my desk. Who have sat for years at my right hand, watching me scratch out a living online and gleefully finding freebies. They have provided me with solace and peace. It is very relaxing to watch fish. Even if they are just hanging around in the water. And with the sad state they are in now, I can not take a picture of that. So no pretty pictures of them for this post. I am sorry.

I know these little fish do not live long and both have lived beyond what experts claim is the maximum life span (ever) as they are now beyond 5 years old. Most small creatures live hard and fast. But...I'm just not ready. And Dech is not ready for his Mali to go either.


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Stay frugal!